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its been a while since I posted on this account.

Hope things have been well for you all!

Sometimes you just want people to send you cool photos of their keyboards.

Ya know?

Today I had some delicious oolong tea. Oolong is my favorite!

Campaign for Peace (Fei Lu Art), was one of my most treasured possessions and its spirit lives forever on.

i just wanna go to the hardware store, walk up to the lighting aisle and just stand there for a few hours looking at all the lights

Falling deeper and deeper into a endless pit of archery supplies.

I'm sick at home today and I feel too guilty too play videogames

tarot, skulls/ "death imagery" 

its finally mine 😭 the marigold deck illustrated by Amrit Brar who is a Punjabi artist and the deck reflects their culture. its so, so beautiful.

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