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Did you know:

Drawing after not doing it for a long time is difficult!

You may be aware that there is something called the #Fediverse.

But do you know about all the different types of applications that run on the Fediverse?

I made this visual to give myself and others something to point at when explaining "the big picture".

You may be surprised by how many services beyond Mastodon there are to explore.

Download it for free here and use as you please:

That post also has links to all the different applications.


Transfem HRT advice needed! 

I've been having issues with both the patches and the oral medications sometimes not being effective.

Anyone have some honest feedback on injections? Especially for someone who's always been a little adverse to needles?

Status update!

Wowie this little one is GROWING!
I didn't expect this much growth so quickly.

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It does not look like much. But I love my pens. I use at least one of them every day for my journal.

As you can see, I really like orange 🧡

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I have two fountain pens. One of them has gunked up so bad that it no longer writes properly. The other (A fountain rollerball) Recently leaked within the body of the pen and the whole thing was covered in ink.

Here they are being cleaned today!

Yesterday I did some repotting and some gardening.

Look at these happy plants!

Wow. Yeah it's been a long time.

I think I'm back though.

I couldn't help but also post!

Pardon the silly test page, I didn't want to share my journal writing.

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