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Did some hula hooping today! I'm really tired now

Second one is #Dareu Dreams TKL with Cherry browns, as I dream of flying around the world again hopefully soon.

Today has felt really long.

I'm not ready for bed, but I sure am tired!

I'm really feeling great about some small project I'm working on. Just one more step towards streamlining and automating all of the standard ticketing processes we have.

normally its not an issue but today I'm feeling very fight or flight about it all.

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Really unnerved by all of the eye contact in video meetings.

If you take BRP Pharmaceuticals spiro, there's a recall of some batches in the US. They apparently mixed some lots up, packaging some 25mgs as 50s and vice-versa. Check your lots and pills if you take that brand.

Frankly I don't understand why people are so unsupportive of their computers being vulnerable.

It's just very hard to be a computer in today's toxic work environment and sometimes a Windows desktop just needs a shoulder to crash on.

Made a bunch of quick pickles.

1:1 white vinegar/water
kosher salt
mustard seeds


Japanese music, B'z; video game adjacent 

@hoppet was talking about the dragon's dogma opening on my TL and it got me into listening to my japanese CDs again

B'z is REALLY good. Listen to this, I love it

Song: B'z - Bad Communication [Ultra Pleasure Style]

This little slice of fried gold came across #furry #meme #Telegram this morning and I think it made my day. Loving the energy! #COVID19

I had better make a toot to get this new Mastodon address started. He's Vulcanodon, in the Felt Mountains.

duckduckgo how to make a thinkpad look really girly and gay

It went okay I guess. Kinda in an odd headspace. I feel she's not sure that I'm making a the right choice ( transitioning is literally saving my life )

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