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duckduckgo how to make a thinkpad look really girly and gay

It went okay I guess. Kinda in an odd headspace. I feel she's not sure that I'm making a the right choice ( transitioning is literally saving my life )

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Technically weeping willows don't make for good bonsai. They grow too fast and can become unruly for new folks.

I'm excited for these to grow up into a big plant.

My green onions were trimmed just a few days ago and wow they are growing back quickly


It needs some work but I'm pretty happy with it so far

I've yet to add the cute floppy ears. Should they have jewelry on them?

browsers then: navigator, explorer, safari (romanticized imperialism)

browsers now: chrome, firefox (abstracted, meaningless)

browsers tomorrow: fuckbox, cringehole, robby's darkweb shady nono catalog (direct, earthy, in-your-face)

happy valentine's day!

if you do not have a valentine, i will be your valentine, mew

here, i got this for you 💝 :blobcatblush:

i'm building a keyboard from scratch 

in one of the more ridiculous things i've done, i designed an ortholinear keyboard that can use the wider modifiers from a 40%/60% kit. it's been done before (see the Spacey, which is in group buy now) but i designed it for my specific typing needs

so i'm going hand-wire and program this thing. i got the cut acrylic plate in today and plugged in all of my spare switches.

i'm calling it a Quirk, because it's... got some quirks.

Oh btw everyone! I'm open for 3d model commissions. DM me if you are interested,
I can make them into somewhat VR Chat compatible, and I promise a very cheap and affordable price for the work I do put in!

birdsite, trans, wholesome 

“So, as a trans woman I’ve gotten a lot of strange comments over the years about my body and appearance.

“And one that always sticks out to me is: ‘You know, wearing a dress doesn’t make you a woman.'”

So, she posted this video. ^_^;


In case I won't be able to draw three more hug pictures, I'll just claim that a hug with four persons counts as four hug prompts!!

Oh, and Toni (right) is actually smaller than Luise (middle). I can't draw my own characters correctly lmao.

#mastoArt #creativeToots #furry #furryArt #oc #drawingChallenge #cozy2021countdown

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