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Having an ID that does not reflect who you are puts you at the mercy of the good will of other people: will they help you out or try to get in your ways? This is the reality trans people have to deal in countries that won’t let them correct their ID.

#mosstodon Before the shutdowns, I studied mosses! Here are some shots from when we were looking for a rare sphagnum.

I'm thinking we should start a hashtag for calming photos of moss.

How does #Mosstodon sound to you all? 😁 Come join us! 🌱

Here's another photo, for luck! 🍀

#Moss #Photography

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I've got a lubing kit coming in for my key switches.

Which ones would be best to lube first?


Sup, nerds. Wanna buy some software on floppy disks? Of course you do. That's why I'm selling msync, my command line mastodon client, on floppies! I have builds for Linux, OSX, and Windows ready to ship.

And if floppies aren't your thing, I have these lovely Office of Consensus Maintenance stickers, too.

I accept orders by internet, fax, and mail.

art #58: "Dreaming"

I sell these as "Pay what you want/can". I need my costs for materials and shipping covered, anything more will be awesome and appreciated!

Check my gallery for more:

Like my art and want more? I am currently not cash positive with my art and I would appreciate a Ko-Fi (if you're able to)!

Anyway, I keep doubting myself, I'd appreciate feedback (and boosts!) if you like it! #art #mastoart

#Lovewood BG No. 13: The throne room was challenging in multiple ways, since it's a scenery that will carry lots of different moods, from joyful to intimidating. Here's two of its views! ✨ 👑
#mastoArt #art #gameDev #creativeToots

When you wanna draw your fursona but you made it before you transitioned.

Anyone have some good resources to get started with Generative Art?

pdx "eviction" thing, reddit links 

All that being said, no one deserves to be kicked out of their home during a pandemic, and if nothing else, the protesters have managed to extend that to everyone in the immediate area, so not a total grift, even on accident.

Anyway, if you want to help Black Portlanders donate to The Black Resilience Fund instead. Cameron sends updates pretty much every week on the financials. They're legit

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I was taught a lot about the importance of personal modesty growing up, and now that I'm an adult I wonder why the focus was on "not showing your shoulders" and not, like, "not leading an excessive and unsustainable lifestyle"

This is my favourite oak tree. It got gnarly limbs that hang like an awning and frame a window into eternity. #photography #mastoart

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