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i think that the free software movement has mostly failed in its aims but i am still very influenced by the ideology in the sense that what i do makes me both a user and a developer of programs - my frustrations with having to use tools like game maker stem primarily from feeling like i am a servant to the system and not the other way around. something doesnt work the way you want it to? too fucking bad, sucks to be you

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a little tee based on a friend's icon 🐐

also pinning this to share my creator id for anyone interested :blobblush:

Anyone else ever think about

Mama & Papa Brickolini?

All, how do you cope with cleaning when you just dont have the care or energy to do so?

strategies and thoughts are appreciated.

i think its hilarious that there are cis people who still think trans people dont date each other. like heck yeah why wouldnt i want a trans relationship? trans people are freaking rad

you know what is also very beautiful and very underappreciated? wild violets/pansies!

but i've always known these little tricolor type as Johnny Jump Ups. i think they are legitimately some of my favourite flowers, and i would quite like my first tattoo to be a bouquet of them and clover flowers. they are both so humble and often overlooked but really lovely!

some combinations of words are better than others

Cishet stupidity, 

Dudes really be listening to Jordan Peterson and don't see why that's fucking weird lmao

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also I drew some nice clouds and people liked them and asked me how i did them so I did a quick step by step, again I am not really sure how useful it is
#tutorial #mastoart #tips #IDontKnow #drawing

all of my posts are written by a neural network

it's my brain


Need some positive energy rn.

Really rough headspace

I just caught some beads from a two-float "parade" covered in corporate branding and I feel dirty.

boost to be part of the "Im excited for the weekend but I know that I'm not going to do anything I plan to" team!

This is not a bit. I repeat this is not a bit!


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