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foxes accessing the internet directly by screaming at a dialup modem hooked up to a microphone

Alright fedi, what's your favorite color?

Y'all know that puppy bowl is the only thing that is worth watching on traditional cable TV

im giving up programming to become a paleolithic cave painter

Toucan Sam would look better with glasses

I got a new mystery snail because my last one passed away.

Got a brand new tank for my Betta

That moment that your forget to bring your headphones to the gym

nationalizing gendercare like “if you like your gender, you can keep it”

Me while doing the dishes:

🎶... In the memory you'll find me
Eyes burning up
The darkness holding me tightly
Until the sun rises up

Moving all around
Screaming of the ups and downs
Pollution manifested in perpetual sound... 🎶

*Long silent pause while I zone out*


Wow their health bars are huge it'll take a while to defeat them


You are a generator of positive and pleasant vibes!

My goal as a writer: to create the kind of representation in media I needed when i was younger.

What do y'all think about this self defense keychain?

Its too large for most women's pockets but I really want one.

They're made in Portland OR

Here’s another commission I’m working on rn just cuz I really like what I was asked to draw thank u

TIL This prototype from exists

And I think I really need it

Maybe not to buy, but might be a good #HardwareHacking project with my old Thinkpads

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