Cishet stupidity, 

also I drew some nice clouds and people liked them and asked me how i did them so I did a quick step by step, again I am not really sure how useful it is
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all of my posts are written by a neural network

it's my brain

literally you only need to point to SCHOOL LUNCH DEBTS to understand what a fucking dystopia the USA is


I just caught some beads from a two-float "parade" covered in corporate branding and I feel dirty.

boost to be part of the "Im excited for the weekend but I know that I'm not going to do anything I plan to" team!

This is not a bit. I repeat this is not a bit!


Trying really hard to not shop at Petsmart for my fashion accessories

omg capital G Gamers are complaining that choosing pronouns on top of gender is unrealistic in a children's game about catching magical monsters in a world that literally doesn't exist

i hate these people so much jfc


Unfortunately no, some pharmacies will recycle the bottles for you (most will take them and dispose of them, so be sure to ask if they recycle at your pharmacy).

I've heard through word of mouth that there are places that you can send the old bottles and they sanitize and reuse them for pet's meds.

Most (all???) pharmacies are required to provide you the prescription in their standardized bottle.

Let me know if you find a solution!

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