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Am I a bonsai?

If I were to intentionally trim, and prune, and cut away everything I despise about myself. The imperfect, the unwanted, the raw, the unkempt.

Would I be beautiful? My idealized self? Would others see the dedication and care I invested?

Or would they only see captivity?

The mighty made small. Twisted and conformed to artificial beauty? Roots and branches that took a lifetime to grow, and seconds to trim.

The mere image of a tree.

May my branches reach freely and find form.

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Logging on feels like coming home ♥️

When people apologize for something, often their first instinct is to try to explain why they did what they did. I think this is one way to process your actions to determine specifically where and how you went wrong. That's good stuff to think about, but it doesn't make for a good apology. Keep those thoughts to yourself, or save it for a later conversation after you've sat on it a while. The core of a good apology is acknowledging that you made a mistake, and how you'll do better in the future.

Sometimes I feel like I need to reexamine the way I spend my time

reminder that you, the person reading this, are incredibly valid

love languages are important but something i never see discussed is the difference between how people want to give love and how they want to receive it and that's big distinction for me

The original of my Trickster Piece is now available on Etsy! He’s done with coffee, copic marker, and ink, and hand foiled with copper flakes!

He comes in a basic frame and Shipping is free inside the US!
#mastoart #illustration #originalart #traditionalart #copper #fox #foxart #animalart #trickster

I painted over an old painting from this series (it was too yellow), but somehow this canvas doesn't want to be a painting I like.
Then I changed up the format. And I painted outside, yay! #mastoArt #traditionalArt #creativeToot #abstractArt #painting

Noticed my pics were a bit blurry. So here are the *sharp *pics I took from my art today! Bonus: my to do list for today! I need to get a bit out of my habits, and this helped! #mastoArt #traditionalArt #creativeToot #abstractArt #painting

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I'm a messy monster and I really need to clean up my workspace. I'm the next few days I should have everything I need to upgrade my electroforming tank. I need to actually make enough space to do something.

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