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I try to do queer flags this month.
They’re all available for sale, DM me if interested :)

Here’s the second one : :heart_nb:

#mastoart #art #robincolors

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also something is wrong with my O key. it keeps failing to register or it will repeat too many times.

sometimes the US military propaganda fails and it hits a little too close to the truth

I wish all my Discordian friends a very pleasant evening.


i make keyboards! that's been my pandemic hobby. i learned to use kicad and microcontrollers and stuff. they're weird but check em out:

(pictured here: a Quirk prototype with KAT Drifter)

Today's #Maille! #Trans Pride #Bracelet v1! Slightly stretchy bangle rolls on over your hand, stays put on your wrist. 16g 5/16" bright aluminum with pink & blue neoprene. #LGBTQIA #chainmaille #jewelry Order now for #Pride!

It's real disphoria hours around here, huh?

I have acquired local Artisinal Fountain Pen Ink to put in my new hand-me-down fountain pen.

I cannot recall the last time that I went swimming.

I dont have any outfits that would even work for that anymore.

Any other trans folks out there that dont swim anymore?

That moment that you are listening to your old playlists and likes and then you stumble upon old music that is like a stab to the heart.

Kink, furry, probably tf, horny tbh 

*changes relationship status to "looking for curses/mistress"

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