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Am I a bonsai?

If I were to intentionally trim, and prune, and cut away everything I despise about myself. The imperfect, the unwanted, the raw, the unkempt.

Would I be beautiful? My idealized self? Would others see the dedication and care I invested?

Or would they only see captivity?

The mighty made small. Twisted and conformed to artificial beauty? Roots and branches that took a lifetime to grow, and seconds to trim.

The mere image of a tree.

May my branches reach freely and find form.

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Logging on feels like coming home ♥️

as a kid seeing those infomercials for ways to store plastic food containers better: "hahaha this silly clip of someone opening a cupboard and containers falling out everywhere, that'd never happen, that's so silly"

as an adult: "this is a daily occurrence"

When people apologize for something, often their first instinct is to try to explain why they did what they did. I think this is one way to process your actions to determine specifically where and how you went wrong. That's good stuff to think about, but it doesn't make for a good apology. Keep those thoughts to yourself, or save it for a later conversation after you've sat on it a while. The core of a good apology is acknowledging that you made a mistake, and how you'll do better in the future.

Sometimes I feel like I need to reexamine the way I spend my time

reminder that you, the person reading this, are incredibly valid

love languages are important but something i never see discussed is the difference between how people want to give love and how they want to receive it and that's big distinction for me

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