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Am I a bonsai?

If I were to intentionally trim, and prune, and cut away everything I despise about myself. The imperfect, the unwanted, the raw, the unkempt.

Would I be beautiful? My idealized self? Would others see the dedication and care I invested?

Or would they only see captivity?

The mighty made small. Twisted and conformed to artificial beauty? Roots and branches that took a lifetime to grow, and seconds to trim.

The mere image of a tree.

May my branches reach freely and find form.

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Logging on feels like coming home ♥️

Cishet stupidity, 

also I drew some nice clouds and people liked them and asked me how i did them so I did a quick step by step, again I am not really sure how useful it is
#tutorial #mastoart #tips #IDontKnow #drawing

all of my posts are written by a neural network

it's my brain

literally you only need to point to SCHOOL LUNCH DEBTS to understand what a fucking dystopia the USA is


I just caught some beads from a two-float "parade" covered in corporate branding and I feel dirty.

boost to be part of the "Im excited for the weekend but I know that I'm not going to do anything I plan to" team!

This is not a bit. I repeat this is not a bit!


Trying really hard to not shop at Petsmart for my fashion accessories

omg capital G Gamers are complaining that choosing pronouns on top of gender is unrealistic in a children's game about catching magical monsters in a world that literally doesn't exist

i hate these people so much jfc

Hey all, I need your help! I'm thinking of dying my hair.

I'm thinking a warm Chestnut brown???

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