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Secure Web.

The Deep Web via the Onion System is more secure than the traditional HTTPS; calling it the Secure Web is both positive and understandable if it was commonly referred to as the Secure Web.


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More seriously, though: immigrants can also CREATE businesses and jobs therefore improve the economy. Additionally, America is the country of immigrants since it's founding.
Immigrants are not inherently evil, as our children are not either.

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Yes, that is the unfortunate reality. Although, the tangential fact that encryption is part of speech, and therefore protected by The First Amendment.

If all fails, the Supreme Court will have the final say, with all the skepticism.


There is a balance and a study on this balance between the Gov't and the People known as the Social Contract.

To my knowledge, banning *any* form of communication including encryption is a breach of the Social Contract, because it is not something Gov'ts need to operate whilst preventing citizen from encryption.

Isn't the US Citizens the highest point of the US Gov't?



Encryption is a form of communication, deciphered onto its own language (public-key)

1) Encryption is a form of communication.
2) Languages are a construct of "form of communication."
3) Languages form a pattern of speech.
4) Pattern of speech is expression, and speech itself.
5) The US Gov't cannot censor speech, it is an "unalienable right" as said by the US Constitution.

Although, there is no Gov't that does NOT attempt to stifle freedoms and rights, for "our betterment."